Bridging the gap

Artist: Matt Saunders
Medium: Photography

Artist Profile

I do nature photography is because I'm inspired by nature, in particular the night sky. I lose countless hours of sleep to capture the Milky Way, deep space Nebulas, and the stars. Nothing compares to being out at night looking upwards and capturing the beauty of the night sky. I find it such an amazing challenge capturing these deep space objects, most of which are not visible to the naked eye. Astrophotography is such a technical skill and I love the constant challenges it brings. I have been doing nature photography for five years now where I have been constantly developing and refining my skill set, particularly in astrophotography and deep space.

Artist Statement

I had been planning this image for a long time. The foreground and sky were very tricky to expose with bright street lights nearby. To achieve correct exposure I had to HDR stack the foreground with multiple images, which gives me greater control over exposure and highlights. To achieve a lot of detail in the Milky Way I had to mount my camera to a star tracker to track the sky. A star tracker counteracts the rotation of the Earth and is polar aligned to the Earths axis of rotation (South Celestial Pole) This allows me to shoot long exposures of the sky with little induced noise from the camera.

How I was affected

COVID affected me greatly as I shoot a lot of weddings and are always traveling for photos. COVID has inspired me to get out and about more and given me a new drive to capture the beauty of New Zealand.

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