Artist: Tracey Pascoe
Dimensions:1000mm x 800mm
Medium: Pencil/Coloured pencil

Artist Profile

I have been able to draw for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of sitting at my Grandmother’s table with colouring books, pens and paper. Spending hours doodling and colouring in. I call myself a Self-taught artist. Even though art was my favorite subject at school and passed school Cert Art and later studies and completed a Certificate in Visual arts… I see myself as a multidisciplinary artist. Meaning I can work in almost any medium. Drawing or Painting with whatever takes my fancy at the time. I describe my style as contemporary/ Realist. though I am open to explore my capabilities and just enjoy the creative process. Some of the topics I am drawn to ( But Not limited to) are Animals, Transportation, Farming scenes, Landscapes. I have sold work to private collectors nationally and Internationally having Exhibited my art in some small shows in both NZ and Australia

Artist Statement

Bridge 13 was the thirteeth rail bridge from greymouth. once was also a Dual purpose (road and rail bridge). One of last remaining use like it in the world until new highway road bridge was built beside it. It has a love hate relationship with so many locals and visitors alike.. ohh the stories it could tell!!

How I was affected

as a working artist it was good time to be creative and really enjoy doing what I am passionate and love doing and that is creating art.

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