Artist: Anoushka Szybowski
Medium: Pastel

Artist Profile

I have a Fine Arts Degree from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design, Auckland, New Zealand. My preferred medium is Pencil/Charcoal and I am a huge bird enthusiast. I live in the forest so our unique indigenous species of birds are constant company. I live on the stunning West Coast of the South Island New Zealand and am inspired by the beauty here.

Artist Statement

Blue Kiwi was something new for me. I wanted to try moving into colour and away from my usual charcoal or pencil. I love our native birds and love the challenge of Kiwi as their feathers are unique in their almost furry texture. The feathers look almost to have a swirling movement.

How I was affected

COVID-19 highlighted the important things in my life- my family, my home, and feeling that I have enough. I feel lucky to live in New Zealand and especially on the West Coast where I could continue walking in the bush and appreciating nature. My art practice is very sustaining and helps me to feel connected and grounded. I didn't make as much artwork as I would have liked due to my children being constant company but I did enjoy their noisy company while I tried to photograph birds for reference photos. Most of my artshows have had to go online and the markets I had booked cancelled, but this has all been learning too.

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