Artist: Robyn Jacobs
Dimensions:225mm x 337mm
Medium: Assemblage art

Artist Profile

I discovered the world of Assemblage art about 15 years ago. I have a Canadian art tutor who hosts an annual Art tour in Oaxaca - Mexico. I have had the pleasure of attending this, 4 times in the past 10 years. We are a group of like minded artists, who create assemblages usually based on Mexican folklore, myths and legends, under the tutorledge of Michael deMeng. Assemblage art is a form of three-dimensional art, which is made by assembling a collection of found objects, scavenged by the artist or bought specially. Sometimes these objects will be deconstructed, then reassembled to create a new artwork.... a form of rebirth, with new life and meaning.

Artist Statement

This artwork is a combination of Assemblage art and Collage.
I have added small architectural elements to help create this piece. The image is taken from a photo of an old door in Venice. The turned wood is from an antique Singer sewing machine. The old lock and door catch I have collected over the years. The large key, I discovered in a dusty small antique shop in Bolivia.

How I was affected

Due to Covid-19, the annual Christchurch Art Show that I usually entered in, was transferred to an online event this year. I chose not to enter, because all my assemblage artworks have a 'big' story, i.e. - the provenance of the objects used in the creation of the artwork, and couldn't be told successfully. During lockdown I started painting again, completing several large paintings. I also kept an art journal which I did some daily art practise in, plus recorded a daily account of my life in solitary lockdown.

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