Artist: veronika maser
Dimensions:820mm x 1380 mm
Medium: Wire

Artist Profile

I work predominantly in wire, constructing sculptural forms that are two and three-dimensional at the same time. Intricate wire drawings depict enlarged fragments of repetitive patterns and textures which are inspired by a variety of sources such as microscopic plant cells, natural flora and its environment, physical and non-physical structures. Contemplating the complexity of our existence is an intriguing aspect that is reflected and woven in to my work, creating a sense of etherial space, linking the past and the moment.

Artist Statement

‘Bed of Pods’ is a metaphor for nourishment and comfort. Seeds need water to grow, the energetic force that is released when seeds come in to contact with water is what sustains us. ‘Bed of Pods’ is the etherial structure as i see it.

How I was affected

I decide to take the time to during lockdown going in to stillness and explore the many layers that compiles our human expression. I spent also much time experimenting with painting, a medium I am not confident in yet, but certainly been having much fun playing with and eventually will be exhibiting my paintings and wire in a mixed media exhibition.

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