Artist: Nadine Meyer
Dimensions:770 x 220 x 50
Medium: found object assemblage

Artist Profile

Nadine Meyer, originally from Germany, is a multi-media artist driven by the fascination of the little, often unnoticed things and admiration for the beauty of imperfection. She collects, investigates, puts things together in new contexts and gives them a (new) meaning.

Artist Statement

Bach No.7 is one of Nadine Meyer‘s found object Assemblages from her baches series. These works represent the new Zealand phenomenon bach – a small, often very modest holiday home or beach house. Each work refers by it‘s chosen materials and the way they are assembled to the way the baches were originally constructed – they are from small size, squary form and largely made from found objects and cheap or recycled materials. These materials were collected either from site of the property where the artist lives or directly on the beach. Like the other works from the baches series, Bach No.7 is kept simple in construction. The number of used items is kept low and the color scheme is limited. The pieces are assembled in a spontaneous way, refering to a more or less fast, non-professional hobby act of constructing a bach by a family member in the past. Silicone and glue here and there, some concrete and plaster, some flooring, some wooden constructions, a single screw can hold things together… Some brand new or shiny items such as the pink furniture pad or the bathroom hook are used to furnish and to link what owning a bach meant to those middle class families who built them up in the past: Even if they were just small buildings made from scrap, baches made beach holiday affordable, possible and gave a feeling of leisure and luxurious lifestyle. So they have been kept up and looked after. Work needed to be done from time to time. Some new things needed to be added to protect the existing set-up. Like furniture protectors protecting wood from scratches… In more recent times the basic bach has been replaced by the modern holiday house – more substantial, more expensive and usually professionally built. The old style baches will recede from now over time. They will be replaced by new buildings, renovated, taken down, taken by erosion and so on. But they were witnesses and result of a time period and in their own way beautiful. Nadine Meyer wants to praise the beauty of the old baches with their eroded, faded, broken, chipped, fringed, rusted materials in her works and keep them alive.

How I was affected

The current world wide pandemic has let my connection with my new home Aotearoa even getting deeper. I turned away from following the daily news and counts of cases and found peace in developing new ideas and concepts.

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