asemic scroll

Artist: Nadine Meyer
Dimensions:1200 x 860
Medium: charcoal, grease crayon, clay, mica flakes, acrylics on raw cotton, wood

Artist Profile

Nadine Meyer is a multi-media artist driven by the fascination of the little, often unnoticed things and admiration for the beauty of imperfection. She collects, investigates, puts things together in new contexts and gives them a (new) meaning.

Artist Statement

Representation and structure of this drawing suggest it‘s an old scroll showing some sort of archaic, primal scipts, containing a specific meaning.
The scipts have no verbal sense, they are asemic. They are outlines of found pieces of driftwood. Pieces I recognized as graphic signs, parts of a natural language. I gathered, selected, put them in context to each other, made visible. Readable.
Brought together they function now as specimens of an obscure, but omnipresent and insistent, natural language. Archetypes transcending time, culture, individuality. Meaningless at first glance the work provokes to look, to explore and decode, to fill in and interpret.

How I was affected

The current world wide pandemic and the "lock down" we experienced here in NZ earlier this year made me immersing into and having a dialog with the natural world directly surrounding me. I walked daily, every day the same walk at my home beach. Always the same scenario on first impression. But when you walk the same walk every day you start to notice fine differences. And I also started to realize that always the same things evoked my attention, my interest, as if specific items found me and spoke to me in a visual way. I took those found objects home and tried to visualize this concept in my work asemic scroll. It was maybe isolation, the quietness, the absence of many social contacts bringing this inspiration to me.

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