Artist: Andrew Dempster
Dimensions: 60cm wide by 80cm high
Medium: Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas

Artist Profile

It has been a joy and a privilege to work in art education at Secondary School level in Greymouth for the past two decades. My own art qualifications come from a variety of places: NMIT, Otago School of Fine Arts (DFA), Otago University (BA), Canterbury College of Education (Sec Art), Auckland University of Technology (Dp Gr, MA). The reason I make art is for the love of the process of creating, reworking and developing ideas. I go through phases of enjoying different approaches to making art but the creative process, for me, remains centered on the joy of learning. The inspiration for my art comes from the way art allows me to respond to the world around me in a deeply personal way.

Artist Statement

My motivation for this painting was well being during the time of Covid-19 and my artistic response to living in Arahura by the sea in such a spiritual and physical place. I wanted to start off working in the framed style of Nigel Brown and but inevitably moved into the patterns of mark making and movements of brushstrokes that represent how I see the world. My intention was to capture the wild, natural weather beaten beauty of patterns in the driftwood, rain, around the mouth of the Arahura in a way that symbolized a tumultuous time from a local perspective. My intention was also to acknowledge my family’s history (hokopapa) and spirituality in a special little piece of paradise called Arahura.

How I was affected

The impact of covid-19 on my art making has been both fascinating and profond. The art making process allowed me to express the intangible feelings of fear, faith and the fragility of our existence in times of communal world-wide suffering. Art allowed me to show unseen feelings, impressions and ideas that come from my responses to the environment and experiences around me. During the lockdown I was able to slow down and focus on family and my bubble in a way that created such a strong sense of belonging and a desire to look after each other. It also allowed a time of deep reflection and creativity that was unlike any other time I have experienced. Covid-19 brings out a sense of the temporal and fragile nature of life in this unique environment we live in.

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