A Brave New World

Artist: Pete Keane
Dimensions:650 x 490
Medium: Acrylic Ink/Paint on Yupo Rapid Dry Polymer

Artist Profile

After careers in the the Police, Farming and Journalism I began painting about 10 years ago. I like to experiment with different mediums and materials. As well as print making and brush painting I produce images through a variety of different processes on various mediums using 'found' objects including sticks, rags, old debit cards and my fingers. I am constantly evolving in art and my works hang in private collections around the world.

Artist Statement

This work was produced on Yupo, a polymer that has been used in the printing and advertising industries for the past 30 or so years. Made in Japan and under licence in the USA using this medium is quite demanding. The artist has a very short window in which to produce their image. In my case, using an old debit card, I had about 12 minutes until the paint was dry so the work is quite spontaneous.

How I was affected

This entry....A BRAVE NEW WORLD.... was completed during Lockdown, a surreal time during which I let my mind wander...in this instance it imagined what life would be like following the worst COVID-19 scenario. Lockdown enabled me to take a step back and re evaluate my methods, genres and future direction in art.

Contact the Artist

Facebook: PeteKeaneArtist@facebook.com
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