8/20, “WESTLAND RESURRECTION IKON, Praise Our Creator God Who Loves Us”

Artist: Irene Richards
Dimensions:800mm x 900mm.
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Artist Profile

I have been painting, drawing and exhibiting from my earliest years in Tauranga.. After gaining Dip FA Hons Painting at Canterbury University 1964, My first solo exhibition was my "Tauranga Harbour Series" at Barry Lett Gallery Auckland in 1967, A painting and accompanying drawing are in the Auckland City Art Gallery collection. My passionate Christian faith and visions can be seen in my Ikons featuring the return of Christ to our local environment. My competition entry is my latest one of these. Drawing landscape as i travelled through it by car ( someone else was driving!) and aeroplane flights have lead to the "Journey" Series. As a founding member of the Hokitika Craft Gallery Co operative my work has been continuously on dislpay in Hokitika for 35 years and I have enjoyed talking to those interested in my work..

Artist Statement

On the advice of Sir Toss Woollaston, many years ago, I catalogue each work that I start. A consecutive number and the year begun. However this entry is the 8th finished in 2020, cat. no. 8 / 20. because I drew up this canvas 25 years ago, one of 3 ikon ideas. I completed only one, which was reproduced in the Hokitika Craft Gallery Booklet ” Hokitika Handmade” I put this Ikon composition of the crucifix and the whirling words around it, to one side. I realize now, I could finish it only after evolving the Journey series which enabled me to deal with interlocking landscapes that now complement the words and formulate the Christian theology that i wanted to communicate.

How I was affected

When traveling I always have my watercolours with me, also the acrylics if in the car. I was born in Tauranga. My 80th Birthday wish list was to sail into Tauranga harbour in a Cruise Ship. We accomplished this with a magnificent Harbour sun set viewed from high up on the ship that night. An exciting new view point for me. As we sailed south I dashed off about 5 watercolours capturing this view. As we arrived in Dunedin Jacinda announced the lockdown, so rather than risk disembarking in Sydney we abandoned ship and got home safely the following night. I have a well exercised visual memory so completed the watercolours during lockdown at home. .Our lifestyle was almost normal and peaceful, with shopping help from our kind neighbour. I enjoyed saying morning prayer by phone with church friends and zoom meetings. I am accustomed to being interrupted when doing my art work and fitting it around other domestic and travel activities..

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