Peace of Piece

Artist: Billy Dempster
Dimensions:280 x 157.5
Medium: Digital

Artist Profile

I've always enjoyed scale modeling as a hobby, I have assembled and painted many historical, sci-fi and fantasy model kits, I find it very relaxed and calming. This year I started 3D modelling using an application called Blender, originally I intended to make digital models to 3D print but I found that I also greatly enjoy using it as an artistic medium as it gives me great freedom to make what I want and the flexibility to control the visuals to create many different styles.

Artist Statement

I wanted to make something that was in some way representative of me as artist and was meaningful to me. So I thought it would be fitting that my piece is an array of artworks that are each made with different styles that all come together to make one whole.
So I’ve made my piece.
And it’s made me happy.

How I was affected

I wanted to learn a new skill during the lockdown, so I decided to start using Blender. I am very happy that I did as I have greatly enjoyed expressing myself in different ways digitally. Focusing on my art has also been a distraction from the worries of the wider world.

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