Isolation at the beach

Artist: Jules Anderson
Medium: Photography Print on Canvas

Artist Profile

Hello my name is Jules Anderson and I love to photograph the light and movement of the land. I live on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island where I am surrounded by the ever changing light and mood of the landscape. I am always trying to master my craft in photography by capturing the true spirit of my home and what I see and feel through the lens of the camera. I live at Carters Beach with my partner Jonathan our teenage son Jordaan and our two dogs Buster and Coco.

Artist Statement

Looking through the lens of the camera lets me express and capture the moment whether this is with the landscape or capturing the human spirit.
I love to document and tell stories for the viewer and to take them on their own journey or within the landscape that I have captured.

How I was affected

Covid -19 was great time to reconnect with family and take stock of what we were doing do our plant. This was a creative time for me to explore new photography techniques that I would not normally have the time to do.

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