Disciple seed

Artist: Rory McDougall
Dimensions:80mm diameter
Medium: bronze

Artist Profile

I was raised in the Highlands of Scotland, in an area full of Pictish-Keltic stonework and archeology. "My schoolbook doodles and patterns attracted the attentions of my art teacher, and so at age 12, I was introduced to the book "Keltic Art - Methods of Construction" by George Bain. Coincidentally Mr Bain had taught in my school 50 years previously and was a revivalist and promoter of the Keltic Arts." I studied metalcraft and stone masonry in Germany prior to settling in New Zealand. My fascination with Keltic art and its iconography continues to influence my work and have exhibited extensively and have several public art objects around New Zealand.

Artist Statement

100 of these spherical forms have been unearthed around North Britain and are of 3000BC Neolithic origin. Many found in the area of my upbringing. There is much archeological conjecture on the meaning of these carved balls, from divination devises to learning tools. They have for me the relations of atomic scale stacking and the morphology of organic growth within pollen grains, spores, viruses and radiolarian structures. I find them very pleasing to the eye and mind, regardless of the destruction they can do.
I love the longevity of bronze and the patina that comes with age.

How I was affected

I was impressed by the electron microscope image of the Covid-19 virus form. This played into my research on spherical geometry of radiolarian and pollen grain structures giving me the ideas for this new line of work.

Contact the Artist

Website: www.rorymcdougall.com
This item is for sale: $ 500