Artist: Justine Salter
Dimensions:300mmx410mm Canvas
Medium: Acrylics

Artist Profile

I have been Painting a couple of years now and have tried my hand at different medias. I prefere Acrylics. I have been living on the west coast now 23yrs. originally english, left England 36yrs ago.

Artist Statement

i love the Isolation of the coast and feel portrait is my skill ,I am inspired by the openness of the serenity of natural bush ,
This picture compleks how I pursue, Working ,Men in the forest.
I enjoy Acrylics as I find the paint dries quickly and Im able to paint over quickly finishing quicker than most medias, When i have an idea of a picture I like it done quickly.

How I was affected

Covid has not had a lot of impact ,living on the coast I am not facing with crowds of people and spend time with my family and close friends in my bubble,

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