tūī & harakeke

Artist: Sarah Harvey
Dimensions:255mm x 60mm x 75mm
Medium: Pakohe/argillite, Canadian nephrite, NZ nephrite, brass wire

Artist Profile

Originally from the UK, I came to Aotearoa in 2003 & never left. I have lived on the beautiful wild west coast for 13 years, & it has been a journey of heartfelt soulful living where I have explored my creativity in various forms. I started carving stone in 2018 & it feels like home. My aim in life is to add more beauty to the world I love creating abstract curvaceous flowing forms & work in a more sculptural way with my jewellery designs too. I am inspired by architecture - in nature & human design, & the connections between. My braiding is an integral part of my designs, adding texture & dimension

Artist Statement

This sculpture is inspired by the tūī pollinating the harakeke flower, with the two jade pieces representing the beak & throat tuft of the bird dipping into the top of the flower. I loved making this piece as it is so unique & the flows & curves of the argillite base allied with the quirkiness of the jade pieces give it a real personality. This is a celebration of nature & relationship, & how we all depend on each other in our ecosystem

How I was affected

I think like everyone I am hoping for positive change to come from this pandemic, & a realisation of the unsustainability of the consumerist/ capitalist ways we have been living. I have benefited as an artist from the push to buy local & NZ made, & in particular the Chooice fb page that sprang up during lockdown from which I received a hugely positive response

Contact the Artist

Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/harventinedesign/
Website: www.harventinedesign.nz
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