The Thirteen Commandments

Artist: Salu Kathleen Acklin
Dimensions:Fifteen hundred x nine hundred mm
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Profile

I am a self taught Artist and Art lover. Through my work I attempt to express the multiplicity of my Cultural Heritages :- Rarotongan; Samoan; Scottish; Tongan - and how they influence my perceptions of, and reactions to the people, places, events and 'things' essentially my 'world view' for what it's worth. A juxtaposition of clean lines, block shapes and bold colours provide a framework for intricately hand painted Polynesian and Nature inspired motifs which appear web or lattice like, creating ' tartan like / stained glass effect - which from a distance evokes an aura which supercedes the subject itself. My wonder and appreciation for the Miracle that is our Mother Earth is a constant source of inspiration, despite my work not seeming to resemble the 'Natural World' at all.T

Artist Statement

This piece was created predominantly throughout the ‘Lockdown’ period, concurrently with other smaller works – and took about three-four months (sporadically) to complete. It attempts to represnt the perplexing dichotomies that and hypocrisies that perennially exist within Communities, Culture, Politics, Organised Religion and Society as whole. The Triangles could also be metaphors for not only the imposed ‘bubbles’ that we were placed in during ‘Lockdown’ – but also those we choose to encapsulate ourselves in , ignoring ‘that’ which we either don’t or choose not to understand. The name ‘Thirteen Commandments’ – reflects this , at it is a ‘poke’ at Superstition and Religious conventions.

How I was affected

Covid -19 Lockdown - afforded me the opportunity to prioritise and focus on my Art more than ever before. It also reinforced how incredibly fortunate we are to live near the top of the beautiful and remote Wild West Coast of the South Island -relatively safe from the threat of any Community spread of the Pandemic. The combination of time , gratitude and patience essentially allowed me to be more methodical, focussed, and process driven - rather than rushing to finish pieces

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