A West Coast Day

Artist: Penny Kirk
Medium: Mixed Media

Artist Profile

About 18 months ago, I stood in the Warehouse and decided to purchase a Visual Diary and some pencils. This simple act has led me to reinvigorate the creativity that was inside me many years ago. I am now 51 and my last drawing or painting was back when I was 16 and studying for School Certificate Art. I was initially very shy about showing anything that I drew, painted or printed and no one was allowed to see any of it. 18 months on, I have started a Certificate in Creativity through The Learning Connexion by Distance Learning and I share my art via social media and have even had a piece in the Lockdown Exhibition at The Left Bank Art Gallery.

Artist Statement

I was initially covering up work I had donethat I didn’t like. I started experimenting with different layers of paper, glue, inks, water, polyfila and more ink. The colours came together to reveal a landscape scene with a storm brewing in the background.

How I was affected

It was through my experience of Covid-19 that I decided to take the first steps to study art and creativity as an adult. I took a chance to apply for a Covid-19 Scholarship through The Learning Connexion, and was shocked when this was accepted. This study has taken me and my art on quite a journey as I explore, experiement, study and try different media and techniques. Although I worked throughout the Lockdown, it made me realise that I wanted to really focus on my creative endeavours.

Contact the Artist

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