Electric Universe – The Illusion

Artist: Deano Keir
Medium: Acrylic Paint

Artist Profile

I am a 60 year old man who has lived on the coast since 1978. My art journey started in 2012 after recovering from ill health. I am a multi-media artist working with various materials which include artworks in acrylic paint, pencil and ink, water colour and model making using epoxy resins, metal, clay and various natural materials such as bone, feathers and wood. I am truly inspired by the West Coast's wild land.

Artist Statement

This was inspired by thoughts I had watching a rainbow at Punakiki. The painting is trying to explain in vision what my thoughts about Quantum mechanics and the nature of reality are in relation to this scene. The concept is that the 3D world we see is illusionary and consists of matter (energy) which is charged by various forces and follows set physical laws, but non the less does not actually exist as we see it. Rather it is mostly empty space and therefore an illusion.

How I was affected

I finally had a body of work that gave me the confidence to take them to be digitized. I took my artwork including those that hang on the wall of my house to the professional scanners. The Covid created the lockdown and I was unable to get my work back for many months. During this time I missed the art on my walls as it inspires me. In my worst moments I thought I may never get it back which was unnecessary anxiety. I celebrated on the day i was able to collect my work.

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